Black Diamond Ceramic Prep Bit

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Black Ceramic E-file Bits are great for definition and finishing on any artificial enhancement surface. Ideal for use on acrylics or hard and soft gels. Smooths and defines the cuticle & overall apex area of the nail bed without cutting, burning or any discomfort. Can also be used to remove gel polish from any enhancements safely and quickly. Maintains low heat and friction and lasts longer than traditional metal carbide bits and sanding bands. Ideal for beginners or seasoned nail professionals as these bits are very light in weight. You will definitely notice the difference as soon as you pick-up your e-file to use!


* Sanitation Compliant

*Non Clogging

*Acetone/Chemical Resistant

*Non Cutting

*Excellent durability and performance

*Fits 3/32 Shaft

*Sleek Eye Appearance

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